Topic: Courage

Centering Different Stories

Join us this week as we celebrate Black History Month through story, song, preaching, and personal testimony. This is a service for all ages, and childcare is available in the Nursery for babies and young children.

Finding Silence

It takes discipline and courage to admit that you don’t know something or aren’t the right person to tackle a particular challenge. Being an effective presence for change in our world can also mean learning when to be quiet and listen and when to support others’ work.

Speaking Out

Unitarian Universalists have a long tradition of advocacy, public engagement, and refusing to be quiet in the face of injustice. Learn more about how w e can be a voice for compassion, mercy, and justice in our world right now.

Eyes Wide Open

As the impact of the climate crisis continues to grow, it is tempting to look away, focusing our energy instead on problems that feel small enough to solve. This week in worship, we will consider how our liberal religious values are calling us to engage the impending catastrophe courageously. Show up this Sunday and commit yourself to showing up for our planet.

The Church is Dead, Long Live the Church!

11:00 a.m.

500 years after Martin Luther courageously instigated the Reformation, religion in our world has begun another process of transformation. This week in worship we will imagine how religion might change in the centuries to come and Reverends Christian and Kristin will offer “the next 95 theses.”