Topic: Awaken

The Amazing Spider-Man and the Interdependent Web

11 am

When Peter Parker became the Amazing Spider-Man, it came with a harrowing and painful loss. Losing something he loved forced him to lean into the grief and see the wisdom revealed. He discovered that ‘with great power comes great responsibility.’ How is such an … read more.

Somewhere on the Road to Damascus

Somewhere on the road to Damascus Saul became Paul. Somewhere under a Bodhi tree Siddhartha awoke as the Buddha. And somewhere today the next generation of spiritual leaders is waking up to the realities of this world. This service will explore what it means to … read more.

The Promise of a Protector (Mother’s Day)

9 am and 11 am

Julia Ward Howe and Anna Jarvis were two figures who extolled the virtues of mothering and laid such examples of compassion, courage, hope and virtue upon the horrific context of war where brother fought against brother and tore the American family … read more.