7:00 pm - 8:30 pm

Due to the success of the first two sessions, your Widening the Circle Committee is hosting another “sharing session” via Zoom so that you can share your thoughts about how UUCB can widen our circle of concern.

Space is limited. Zoom link provided at registration (required). 


•  You will have an opportunity to dive in and share, chalice circle style, with a few questions given in advance as prompts.

•  There is nothing you need to study beforehand, and there is no commitment as these are one-time only sessions.

•   Space will be limited to give ample time for each participant to share, so registration in advance is required.


via Zoom: Wednesday, 8/31/22, 7 – 8:30 pm


The Zoom link will be provided to registrants in advance.***


To let us know you’re able to come, email WidenTheCircle@uucb.org or melros@gmail.com with any questions.


Hope to see you there!

Your Widening the Circle Committee (WTCC)


– Your Widening the Circle Committee (WTCC): Cynthia Asprodites, Elizabeth (Liz) Der, Suzette Anderson-Duggan, Dorothy Herzberg, Frances Moulton, Lonnie Moseley, Melissa Rosales