09-05-2021 - 09-15-2021
12:00 pm - 11:45 pm

Reverend Cat has been a special part of our community for the past two years. Sadly, her last day with us is September 5. In addition to a special service, please help us celebrate her by contributing to one or more goodbye gifts. 


Caravan Style Goodbye – And please swing by UUCB on Sunday, 9/5/21 from 12:30 to 2 pm to say goodbye to our dear Rev. Cat! Decorate your car, honk with excitement, and do a silly dance to bid her adieu. Read her letter here.


Memory cards – An AwesomeBox is a collection of messages, songs, photos, videos, that celebrate the recipient. It’s a “memory book meets a deck of cards” gift that is printed into a set of cards. Please click on this link to share your message (you might also receive a separate email from AwesomeBox. This will also take you to the link to add your message; either way will work). There is no cost to participate. UUCB will cover expenses. Questions – email sja072013@gmail.com. 

Due – End Of Day Wednesday, 9/15!


Farewell fund – It’s a UUCB tradition to take up a collection when our ministers or beloved staff move on to other adventures. Please contribute however you are able, no amount is too small! These funds will go directly to Cat as a token of our appreciation for all that she shared these last few years.  Here’s a link to the Money Pool. Questions – email arielwest@yahoo.com. 

Due – End Of Day Wednesday, 9/15!


Call for Pics – If you  have any photos of Rev. Cat or church events that you are willing to share, please send them to sja072013@gmail.com. We’d love to get as many photos as we can.

Due – End Of Day Wednesday, 9/15!