11:00 am - 12:00 pm
Family Ministry Office, R.E. Building – Rooms 1 & 2

Today, we will plant a tree and discuss the role of trees in various biospheres across the web of life. We will also discuss how trees are used in different cultures: are they used to build houses, instruments, food, methods of transportation? How can we give back to the earth?


Take Home: Talk about how trees can help us embody and realize the lessons from previous sessions. Do trees transform across their lifetimes? Does a tree grow up like humans do? Do trees sometimes grow up together, growing into each other? Is there a scientific explanation for that? On a smaller scale, consider how many colors does a piece of tree bark has in it. How does it feel against your fingers? What does it smell like? Use all of the senses to explore the miracle of close attention with the tree as a subject.