9:30 am - 10:30 am

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One of our beloved speakers and wisdom-giver, Dr. Hana Matt, is back to give us a summary of the 3 recent, large groundbreaking studies that just came out. They examined doctors, nurses, social workers and chaplains in hospitals during the 3 years of the Covid pandemic. Which people succumbed to burnout, or depression, anxiety, or addictive behavior, and which ones did  well? What were they doing to enable them to have resilience and thrive during these highly stressful years?

These studies are forming the basis for new training programs added in hospitals to help their staff have tools to incorporate into their lives to inoculate them during adversity.  One of the tools was how important it was for them to be connected to a church, synagogue or spiritual community, and have social and spiritual support. We also can learn so much from these many tools to enhance and strengthen our own lives.