9:30 am - 10:45 am

CLICK HERE FOR SLIDE SHOW THAT ACCOMPANIES THE REPLAY TO SUE ELLEN PARKINSON – RUDDERLESS BOAT — UUCB Personal Theology Talk (Slide show beings at 14:05 on the replay — but listen to Sue Ellen’s introduction.  It’s wonderful).

Sue Ellen Parkinson is a visionary artist who explores the Sacred Feminine through her paintings. Coming from outside the Christian tradition, her work has led her on an unexpected journey that has profoundly changed her life. Her dream-like paintings, are interesting from both a spiritual and cultural perspective. Within them, she weaves elements of her own life into the inspiring stories about the Christian mystics. She believes that creativity can be an essential component in transformation. Read more on her website: www.sueellenparkinson.com

This talk and slide show will be about the artist, Sue Ellen Parkinson’s experience as she’s followed the legends surrounding some of the most profound mystics. Through painting these iconic figures, and using the Benedictine practice of viseo divina, she has gone on both inner, and outer pilgrimages. She’ll focus primarily on Mary Magdalene, but will also include Eve, Saint Hildegard Von Bingen, Saint Clare and Saint Francis of Assisi, The Black Madonna and more!

She says that each image she’s painted has been like a stepping stone towards her own liberation.  Join her on this creative journey!