9:30 am - 10:30 am


Small Group Ministry Chalice Circles, Words from our Chalice Circle Leaders, Lenore Ralston, Dick Sherman, and Sylvia Parisotto
“Come hear about my experience and decide if it might be right for you to try”.  These are the words of Dick Sherman, one of the chalice circle leaders you’ll hear from at this wonderful discussion on Chalice Circles.

Lenore Ralston grew up 8 blocks from the church, studied at Bryn Mawr, receiving a PhD in anthropology, and was a policy analyst for the Chancellor’s office at the University of Berkeley.
Dick Sherman has spent decades studying philosophy and practicing law. He has found being in a chalice circle a very profound, and quite different, way of interacting.
Sylvia Parisotto has a degree in art from UCSB and has had several jobs in the art field.  She is an advocate of the Chalice Circle program as it encourages community, active listening, and deep connection with others and oneself.