9:30 am - 10:30 am

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IN-PERSON!!!  Zoom will be streamed from the Fireside room. Rev. Zae Asa Illo, Operations Manager Youth Spirit Artworks (our Good Neighbor who is providing Tiny Houses for unhoused youth–is a recently ordained minister and will share his personal journey.

Living a life of radical hospitality and a commitment to love and serve others is how we know when we are encountering great souls. Come hear Rev. Zae talk about what it takes to keep focused on what is true and real–which we must love and care for each other in whatever ways we can.

Zae received an M.Div. from a Quaker seminary – Earlham School of Religion – with an emphasis in entrepreneurial ministry. His spiritual call is to live out a ministry of collective redemption and mutual aid. Among Friends, he co-founded the weekly Friday Food Sharing ministry (2014) and foodREV (2014).  Presently, he leads the weekly Bible study and a weekly street prayer ministry at Glide Memorial church in the Tenderloin of San Francisco. Zae is working on a laundry delivery service that supports free washes to persons in need.