9:30 am - 10:45 am

Using his own journey from physics to UU ministry as a springboard, Rev. Jay will share some (always tentative) reflections on the “big questions” of human understanding—those perennial existential, theological, and moral conundrums that perplex us. Along the way he will touch on ideas about God, evil, love, interconnection, and the fundamental nature of reality.  This is a not to be missed Personal Theology.



Books recommended by Rev. Jay Atkinson:
The God We Never Knew: Beyond Dogmatic Religion To A More Authentic Contemporary Faith by Marcus Borg
God Revised: How Religion Must Evolve in a Scientific Age, by Galen Guengerich
God Can’t: How to Believe in God and Love after Tragedy, Abuse, and Other Evils, by Thomas Jay Oord