9:30 am - 10:30 am

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Please join the Personal Theology program in welcoming back to UUCB Zoom, Kayleen Asbo who will presenting “Dante and the Art of Love.”
In this wonderful multi-media lecture drenched with art from across the ages, Kayleen will chart the evolution of love so perfectly illustrated in Dante’s Divine Comedy, from infatuation to enmeshed attachment to liberating compassion and communal connection to the “Love that moves the Sun and all stars”.



Kayleen Asbo is a passionate scholar, a cultural historian, musician, writer, and teacher who weaves myth, music, psychology, history and art with experiential learning.  She has been described as a “True Renaissance Woman” and “A modern HIldegard of Bingen.”  Last year, her presentation at UUCB’s Personal Theology garnered an attendance of 90 with participants  from other states and countries as well as UUCB members among them.