9:30 am - 10:45 am
Fireside Room

Kit Hewitt, former member of the Personal Theology Committee, a UUCB member, and the present facilitator of the Write for Your Life group, succeeding Beth Riemer. When our scheduled speaker failed to show up, Kit volunteered to step forward to talk extemporaneously.  Thank you Kit!  The title of her talk is “My Personal Theology.”

She writes: “Born in Hawaii to a military family. Lived in Hawaii, Delaware, Mississippi, Redwood City, Mississippi, Sacramento, and Maine before the end of Second Grade. The first story I wrote was to the tune of “Afternoon of a faun” when I was 10. At 13 I was reading Dostoevsky and Lewis Carroll with equal interest. Rod McKuen gave me the idea that it was possible to write poetry about my life. Joseph Heller gave me similar ideas about writing books.  Received BA from SF State on my 30th birthday and MA in 1991. I started to figure out how to be a writer when I started having an audience of people who were interested in what I had to say. Beth Glick-Rieman was a huge influence in that she taught me to listen to my own voice and actually hear what I was saying. I have lived in Berkeley for 21 years with my husband, Charlie.”