12:30 pm - 2:00 pm
Social Hall

Do you want to support more music and art-making at UUCB? After church on Sunday, January 17, 12:30, please attend our first Music & Arts Summit.

Join other singers, instrumentalists, painters, poets, dancers, writers, composers, actors, florists, quilters, and other self-identified creatives who want to make beauty, express the ineffable, cause justice and enable UU values in the world through music and art.

The Summit will celebrate mature as well as developing artists among us, and explore how we can bring more art-making to UUCB in the service of our collective journey.

What to expect:
1. TOWN SQUARE: Bring something easy to set up that SHOWS your passion/practice*** – such as a painting, flute, guitar, novel, poem, script, sculpture, collage, CD!! If your art is performance-based or not portable, bring photos, example programs or playbills, or a video to show on your laptop. We will meet on the Square (in the Social Hall) to witness our artistic community in full bloom!
2. TOWN HALL MEETING: We will explore the resources and opportunities for more music- and art making at UUCB, in the service of our collective journey.
3. A CREATIVE SURPRISE: Come prepared to use your imagination and musical/creative skills to meet the Summit Challenge.

*** ALL ARE WELCOME: Professionals, novices, the shy and the forgetful are welcome — even empty-handed!!!

For more information, call Gail at 510 452-2910.
Watch for additional details at the Music & Arts Table in the Atrium, where you can also join the UUCB Musician’s Network or the new Arts Registry.
UUCB Arts Summit Flyer