UUCB or Uncle Sam!

The Endowment Committee presented a



Strategies to reduce your taxes through charitable giving.

Laurel Randell, UUA (Legacy Gifts Manager)
Eugene Demmler, LPL (Registered Investment Advisor)

March 19, 2016

Coffee and pastries: 9:30. Seminar: 10:00 – 11:30 am.
Safer Room, UUCB


(Note: These are not pieces of investment advice, but rather one person’s take-away from the seminar. Please review this with your investment advisor before taking any action. The Endowment Committee is always happy to chat as well.)

UUA’s role in giving at UUCB: The UUA has services run by very knowledgable folk that can help all of us, both individually and as a congregation in the management of giving. Learn more…

Direct from IRA to UUCB: If you have an IRA, and are subject to have an annual Required Minimal Distribution (over 70-1/2, and are not still working), and are supporting UUCB with donations, instead of having the IRA distribution come to you and you donating it to UUCB, consider having your IRA distribute directly to UUCB. That way, you never have to pay taxes on that money, and you keep your income down which may help avoid a tax-bracket shift. Learn more …

Highly-appreciated securities: If you are giving away highly appreciated stock while you are alive, better to give it to charity. (If you give it to your heirs during your lifetime, they get your cost basis, and pay the gain from that point.  If they inherit it, the basis “resets” to whatever it was when you died. If you donate it to charity while you are alive, you get the full market value as your deduction.)