When this month’s Beacon is ready,

  • Duplicate this page (see “Duplicate This” in blue at right)
    • rename the new page with the next month’s name
    • e.g. “Beacon on the Hill, May 2017”
    • also change the Permalink (right below the page title) to match
    • save as draft
  • Return to this page
  • Paste this month’s Beacon here (in place of this text) and save
    • This will be the page that shows up in the right-hand list of archived Beacons
  • Replace the content of the current Beacon page with the new month’s content
    • The current Beacon is always at this permalink:
    • https://uucb.org/news-the-week-ahead-uucb-2/beacon-newsletter/
  • Change the title of the Beacon page to reflect the new month.
  • Let Jim know that you’ve made these changes.
    • This is just so he can update the right-hand list of archived Beacons.
    • Explaining how to do that is a little more complicated, left to another day