Topic: Work and Play

Living Our Faith Out Loud

In the midst of these defining times, in the midst of tumult – societal, political and climate related – Unitarian Universalism offers a powerful message of both compassion and interdependence. How can we live these values in bold, courageous ways that have the power to make a measurable difference today and for the future?
Rev. Susan Frederick-Gray was elected President of the Unitarian Universalist Association on June 24, 2017. Prior to her election…

Celebration Chapel: Principles in Practice

Our oridinary lives offer opportunities to live our Seven Principles out loud. We explore the myriad of ways we can live our faith, not just on Sunday, but every day.

Play Power

Mr. Rogers famously taught that play is the work of childhood, but what about later in life? This week in worship we will leave work behind and tap into the power that play has to offer us at all ages.

For What We Will

The famous labor slogan calling for a fair workday should still ring in our ears today: Eight hours for work, eight hours for sleep, eight hours for what we will. We will explore what we are called to do in those precious moments: relax, spend time with our loved ones, change the world, all of the above?

Creating Community

So much of our lives are spent working and sleeping, so how we spend our time apart from work and home is important both for our well-being and to the fabric of our wider communities. On this day when many of our members will be representing our church at Albany and Berkeley’s Solano Stroll, we will reflect on our role and impact as a “third place” in the lives of our members, friends, and beyond.

Better Together

In the United States we have spent lifetimes destroying our sense of connection. Disconnected from everyone, we are awash in a sea of poor substitutes for feeling alive. How can we honor the lessons and legacy of organizing, of connection, of knowing that what we cannot do alone, we can do together?