Topic: Salvation

The Rapture

9 am and 11 am

In the Left Behind series, author and minister Tim LaHaye talks about the rapture. The rapture, for those of us who haven’t spent time in the south or who don’t listen to Garrison Keillor, is the apocalyptic accounting of the end … read more.

A Religion Willing to Say ‘Hell No!’

A Religion Willing to Say “Hell No!” – Rev. Greg Ward with Carol Carlisle. Long ago in our Universalist heritage there was a man named John Murray who said, “Give them not hell, but hope and courage…” It was a way of both denouncing a fear-based religious approach to Love AND learning to approach Love by modeling hope and courage. In this sermon, we will examine the hell created to scare us and the hell we create ourselves.

Snake Song, An Intergenerational Service

9 am and 11 am

Are you alive? How do you know? Do you know what makes you really come alive? And are you continually on the growing edge of those experiences? In the book of Genesis, we find one of the most powerful and repeated … read more.

Abolition in the New Millennium

9 am and 11 am

What saves a person? What saves a people? What saves a nation? What saves a nation’s soul? There are some who have been calling for a wall. In what seems so clearly to be a coercive tactic to incite xenophobia and … read more.