The Masks We Wear

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UUCB’s worship service Sunday, October 31, 2021

Livestream only, no in-person gathering


After much listening and deliberation, the Board of Trustees last night decided that Sunday worship services will be live streamed (only) from the Sanctuary for the time being – thereby suspending for now the move to in-person worship services.

While there is great anticipation and support for worshiping in-person, there also is significant concern about how it can occur safely and inclusively. UUCB’s dedicated Opening Task Force ( will explore these issues further and bring recommendations to the Board for its December 1 meeting.

In the meantime, worship services will move from being pre-recorded to being LIVE STREAMED from our Sanctuary on Sunday mornings at 11 am. What you see on your screen will be happening in real time!

The Board realizes the disappointment in the in-person pause; but its decision was grounded in wanting the church to be carefully thoughtful about how it considers values and logistics around the health and welcoming for those who come to UUCB to worship and be in community.

And Halloween will not be put on hold for a whole year! Rev. Michelle has committed to seeing we celebrate in costume together once we are ready to do so.

On behalf of the Board of Trustees ( , a big thank you to all who wrote to us and attended our meeting last night to express and hear a variety of perspectives. We saw our covenant in practice: … to listen appreciatively, speak with care, express gratitude, honor our differences, and assume good intentions. We endeavor to communicate directly, honestly, and compassionately, particularly when we are in conflict.




Beth Pollard

Board of Trustees President



Service Description

The Masks We Wear: If we’re able to regather in person, then join in wearing a Halloween costume (or other fun cosplay) to church today! We’ll celebrate the holiday and community together and delve into some relevant themes.


Virtual Coffee Hour
After worship we invite you to switch over to Zoom for a time to connect “face to face.”

Click here to join us.

Meeting ID: 332 046 821

Password: 810131