11:15 am - 12:15 pm
R.E. Building – Rooms 6, 7 & 8

The Power of Passion

The power of fire is the power of passion, of allowing the heart to lead us to good actions. When we follow our passion for a more just world, we see amazing results. Participants practice advocating a cause they care deeply about.


Take Home

Are there causes your family is passionate about supporting? How involved are children in decisions about how your family contributes to charity? How involved are children in direct action in service to others? Is anyone in your family truly passionate about a cause to make the world a better place? How do they express their passion? How does the rest of your family support them?

Choose something your family can contribute half of. It might be your time and effort for half a Saturday, half the non-perishable items in your pantry, half of a weekly allowance, or half the amount you would spend on a family outing or movie. Decide together how and where to donate your “half.” Afterward, talk together about what the experience was like for each member of your family.


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