Become a member of the NEW Widening the Circle Committee

The newly formed Widening the Circle Committee is taking applications for members from December 15, 2021 through January 10, 2022.  The application is in different formats below.

Below, please click the link of the format you wish to use to view the application and hopefully, fill-in to take part in helping UUCB meet the powerful vision it has set for itself.

PDF Application to print, fill-in and bring to UUCB office, click PDF VERSION

On-line Application to fill-in on screen, click ONLINE VERSION

Word Application to fill-in on screen, save and email, click WORD VERSION

Printed paper copies are also available for pick-up in the church office, in the “Widening the Circle” basket on the bottom shelf of the mail area. You may also return your filled-in application to this basket.

If you would like another format or have a question, please email:


In 2020 the Unitarian Universalist Association (UUA) created a report called “Widening the Circle of Concern Report.” This report focused on systemic racism and supremacy culture in the UUA and in UU Congregations.

UUCB subsequently created a “Widening the Circle of Concern Task Force,” whose eleven members spent time from August 2020-August 2021 reading the book and coming up with specific recommendations for UUCB.  The UUCB Board of Trustees approved the recommendations of the Task Force on September 1, 2021.

Read the UUCB Widening the Circle of Concern Recommendations document to learn about UUCB’s powerful vision for inclusivity and connection.

The UUCB Board also approved a “standing committee,” an on-going committee which will support the UUCB congregation to implement the recommendations of the Task Force. This standing committee is a committee of the Board called “Widening the Circle Committee” (WTCC) and is a different group from the Task Force, with new members, a new task and vision.

If you feel drawn to helping UUCB programs widen the circle of concern, click any of the application links above to learn about the work of this new Committee,