Thoughts from Community Ministry, August 2018

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Rev. Jane Ramsey, Community Minister

August, the last month of summer, the hottest and the longest for kids ready to go back to school and for those of us non-parish ministers eagerly awaiting the beginning of the church year.

Only this time, my ministry will be extending out into this wonderful congregation beginning in August!

Aging With Grace is a new group for elders beginning Thursday, August 9, at 10:30 am in the Music Room.

In this gathering we will share our challenges and our solutions as we navigate this strange new world. Aging and its attendant changes has been historically minimized and joked about over the years and most emphatically denied. “Age defying” brings 22,900,000 results when Googled.

We live in a world where to be addressed as “young woman/man” is meant as a compliment. This translates into “I am going to address you as what you are not because who would want to be what you are (old).” Being old is who we are and living in this world and coping with aging is our reality. Come and join us!

We will be meeting on a regular basis once or twice a month (yet to be determined).

Please contact Anne Greenwood (510) 215-6620 or Jane Ramsey (510) 499-5204 with any questions.