A Very Brief History of the Formation of the 2022-2023 Ministerial Search Committee


Per UUA guidelines, the ministerial search committee (MSC) represents the entire congregation, should be trusted by the congregation and be in touch with the changing nature of the congregation (Settlement Handbook, pg. 36).  


  • In April, 2022, the Board contacted all church members, informing everyone of the process and collecting suggested names.  Those names most frequently mentioned were placed on a poll, which was subsequently taken by church members. 
  • The Board asked the nominees who received the highest number of votes in the poll if they wished to serve.  Those who expressed interest were then put up for a congregational vote in April.  Voting, in both electronic and paper formats,  concluded on May 5th.
  • Reviewing the voting results, the Board approved the final selection of 8 members, which included those receiving the most votes as well as some candidates from the original poll whom the Board added to create a balanced committee. 
  • At the May 8th Congregational Meeting, the Board announced the names of the MSC members to the congregation. 


Helen Tinsley-Jones, Vice President, UUCB Board of Trustees