Speaker: Rev. Kristin Grassel Schmidt

Friday Vespers Service

End what has turned out to be an intense week with us for this first-ever UUCB online worship service. We will join together at the same time if not the same physical space for a short service of song, readings, and prayer. This is a great opportunity to give Facebook Live a try before Sunday! Please see the Co-Ministers’ 3/12 email for instructions on how to access worship on Facebook Live.

Binding Our Hearts

Join us this week as we celebrate all we give and receive together here at the UU Church of Berkeley, and all of the good that generosity makes possible in our community. Everyone is invited to stay after the service for lunch and to see the results of our first ever Baking Contest!

Eyes Wide Open

As the impact of the climate crisis continues to grow, it is tempting to look away, focusing our energy instead on problems that feel small enough to solve. This week in worship, we will consider how our liberal religious values are calling us to engage the impending catastrophe courageously. Show up this Sunday and commit yourself to showing up for our planet.

Creating Community

So much of our lives are spent working and sleeping, so how we spend our time apart from work and home is important both for our well-being and to the fabric of our wider communities. On this day when many of our members will be representing our church at Albany and Berkeley’s Solano Stroll, we will reflect on our role and impact as a “third place” in the lives of our members, friends, and beyond.

Beyond the Eye of the Beholder

While the way we measure beauty varies across time, culture, and individuals, human beings seem to instincutally try to protect things they think are beautiful. This week in worship we will explore this instinct and the role beauty can play in growing our compassion and moral sensibility.

The Fullness of Life

Life is so full of change and transition, and that’s part of what makes it so precious and beautiful. Join us for our annual “Tree of Life” service where we recognize and reflect on life’s transitions. This Sunday is also the last Sunday of RE, so we will thank all of the volunteers who have helped us offer incredible religious education for our children and youth over the last church year!