Rev. Kristin Grassel Schmidt

The Ends Are Just the Beginning

Visa International founder Dee Hock said “Make an empty space in any corner of your mind and creativity will instantly fill it.” This week in worship we will empty some space in our minds and hearts for creativity to fill us as we begin to think about the future of our congregation. The annual budget meeting will immediately follow worship with childcare in the nursery.

The Ethics of Paying Taxes

While funding the common good is important, it can be tough to justify paying higher taxes when the government does things with which we don’t agree. Join us this Sunday as we consider the ethics of paying taxes.

Reverse RE Sunday

An important part of our liberal faith is that our growth and learning are a life-long pursuit. Yet, our time together each week seems to place higher value on learning for children than for adults. This Sunday, worship will begin as usual, but after the Time for All Ages, adults will leave the sanctuary to take part in one of several opportunities for growth and learning. The rest of worship will be geared towards children. Childcare will be available, as always, for our younger children, and middle and high school youth can choose whether they want to stay in worship or go to a workshop with the adults.

A Community of Perseverance

From believing in ourselves to leaning on one another while working toward a common goal, life often asks us to persevere. Join us for this service for all ages about what it means to be a community of perseverance. Please stay for the Annual Meeting after worship! Childcare for children through kindergarten will be provided in the Nursery during the service while childcare for all ages will be provided for the Annual Meeting.