Speaker: Rev. Kristin Grassel Schmidt with Cynthia Asprodites

Worthy of Our Praise

As a liberal religious community we are blessed with freedom to seek truth and wisdom from many sources. But how do we know what guidance and teachings to follow? How do we decide what to give authority in our lives? Join us this week as we consider how to discern what is worthy of our praise.

Flower Communion Sunday

Please bring a flower of your choice to church and place it in one of the large vases at the front of the sanctuary before worship begins. Don’t worry – if you forget to bring a flower we will have plenty of extra so that everyone can participate in this much-beloved Unitarian tradition. This is a service for all ages and OWL recognition.

Wake Now Our Vision

This week in worship we will explore potential future directions our congregation might to take as we strive to deeply live out our purpose as a liberal religious community in the East Bay. Note: we will have our first annual All Church Evacuation Drill at the end of the service.