Speaker: Rev. Christian Schmidt with Bob Adams

Water Is Life

Water connects us all in both beauty and challenge. We live in an area overflowing with the natural beauty of the Bay, yet our world’s oceans and other waterways are increasingly overflowing with plastic and other pollution. Join us for our annual Water Ceremony as we give thanks for how water sustains us and recommit ourselves to caring for Mother Earth. Please bring a small container of water with you this Sunday, whether you collected it along exotic summer travels or your kitchen faucet. Children and youth are also encouraged to bring their school backpacks to church for the Backpack Blessing!

Decades of Curiosity

Each year this congregation bestows a special honor upon members who have turned 80. This week in worship we will welcome our newest “Doctors of Durability” and hear wisdom from longtime UUCB members Kendra Smith and Helen Toy.

Journey’s End

It’s one of those big questions: What, if anything, happens to us when our journey ends, that is, when we die? Unitarian Universalists have a lot of different thoughts about this, and historically have had deep discussion and arguments about it, too. What are we to do with this in today’s world?