How It Begins & How It Ends… The Church & Religion (Easter)

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How Things Begin & How They End: The Church & Religion (Easter)

Second Sunday of our 5-week series on beginnings and endings.

“Where do we come from… Who are we… Where are we going?” Throughout history, human discourse has been filled with some of these BIG questions. Where did the universe come from and how did it get here? How did our earth form? Then, the other side of these questions. What will the future of life look like here on our earth? What’s going to happen to the universe? There are many theories about the future, and often many about the past as well. Whether we are gazing into the depths of space or around at life around us, there is something about the gazing and the questioning that is deeply human.

Wondering about these big questions is one of the ways that we explore our meaning and the meaning of our lives. What are we really here for? What is our purpose? And wondering about the future is something that humans have done through pretty much all of our history. While we don’t have working magical crystal balls, we do have clues and scientific theories that help to guide our way. With our world changing rapidly in so many ways, it’s natural to take to questions big and small for clues about what may be ahead.

Join Rev. Michelle and UUCB’s worship associates for a frolicking journey through some really big questions. We’ll also have a guest appearance of our own Rev. Sue Magidson.

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