Project Oversight Committee Report, September 2018

Larry Nagel, Ira Nelken, Jane Lundin, Dave Roberts, Tom Tripp

Our Architect, who is also serving as Project Manager, has prepared bid packages and received contractor bids for the projects approved by the congregation on January 28.
Bid Package 1, Safir Room & Skylights:  This bid package includes new exterior wall and windows, new interior finishes of walls, ceilings and floors, lighting, heating and cooling, as well as repair and replacement of adjacent skylights and clerestory windows above the Safir room, which contributed to the damage.
Status:  Contract has been awarded, and work will be starting in late August, with completion anticipated in January of 2019.
Bid Package 2, Exterior Painting, sealing, caulking and rafter tail repairs:  This package is generally intended to repair and secure the outside of the main building, and repair the rotted rafter tails.
Status:  Two Bids have been received and are being reviewed by the Architect, who is expected to make a recommendation by September 1.
Bid Package 3, Main Atrium Skylights:  Repair and/or replacement of the leaking atrium skylights.
Status:  The architect continues to work on this bid package and has secured some preliminary estimates from various contractors.

With the contract awarded for Bid Package 1, bids received for Bid Package 2, and with a current estimate of Bid Package 3, the committee currently anticipates that this work will all be completed within the allocated budget. Feel free to direct questions to any of the committee members.