Program Council News, October 2018

UUCB’s third annual exuberant appearance in the Solano Stroll Parade brought an enthusiastic response from the onlookers on Sept 9th. Our distinctive yellow “On the Side of Love” shirts and banners declaring our concerns drew applause and words of encouragement – LGBTQ Rights, Black Lives Matter, Immigration Justice, and more!!  “Go UU’s!”

Our booth was beautiful. A special attraction was free ice-cold water. It was easy to observe dozens of lively conversations between our gold-shirted UUCB team and Strollers who stopped for a drink. Nothing beats the Stroll for broadcasting our presence in our East Bay community.

So, congratulations and many thanks to the dozens of UUCB volunteers who made it happen!!  Special shout-outs to Susan Lankford for coordinating the booth and to the choir for delivering gorgeous and touching music.

In the upcoming weeks, we expect visitors who learned about us at the Stroll. Let’s make sure they have a great introduction to the Church that always stands on the side of love and justice.

(NOTE TO SELF:  Add to the list of things to remember at next year’s Parade: Stop at the Judges’ stand!! We had a GREAT routine to present to the judges at the Parade – kazoos and dance moves to “This Little Light of Mine.” We coulda nailed it!! Well, there is always next year!)