Program Council News, June 2018

ALL-CHURCH EVENTS: On May 11, 25 lay leaders met with Rev. Christian and Lissa Roos Parker to map out our 2018-2019 church calendar. The following week, the Program Council discussed which of our calendar’s activities to feature as “All-Church” events. But what could “All-Church” event mean? Here are some of our thoughts:

  • We would designate three or four activities per year – approximately one per quarter – chosen to encourage broad participation by members and friends, as well as to appeal to newcomers and neighbors.
  • This set would be a “UUCB Sampler” chosen to represent the values UUCB would like to be known for. (If a newcomer attended only these events, he/she would learn something about what was most important to us!!)
  • For these events, we would support the participation of all members through the provision of enabling services such as carpools and childcare, as necessary.
  • We would broadly advertise these events throughout the year, both internally AND externally, starting with the Solano Stroll.

Some initial ideas for All-Church events include:

SOCIAL JUSTICE: Vigil at the West County Detention Center hosted by UUCB

NEIGHBORS and COMMUNITY: Solano Stroll and Parade

FAMILY: Reverse Sunday All-Church Picnic and Field Day with Neighbors

CELEBRATION: Easter Morning Breakfast, Worship and Easter Egg Hunt

What do you think? What ideas do you have for All-Church events? Which ones would you like to help with? We are waiting to hear from you. Please contact your Program Council Rep or me.