President’s Column, May 2018

On April 21, the Board of Trustees had a retreat in which we worked on the Ends (goals) for our congregation. It amazed me how easy it was. The work had already been done by the congregation in our Mission and Visioning meetings. The results were nothing unexpected. We know who we are and what we want.

We want financial sustainability, a strong unified congregation and to make an impact for the good in our community beyond our church and congregation.

What strikes me now is how open this process has been. This isn’t the work of a focus group or a key committee, but the work of the whole congregation in open meetings. Simple to state but not so easy to live. Change isn’t easy. There’s nothing new about these ends, it’s who we are. What has changed is the world around us.

We will be who we want to be as a congregation if we work together openly and with trust.

This is an open process. There are no secret agendas. We are family working together. The broader, the deeper, and the better the participation, the better will be our outcomes.

I would add that all Board of Trustees meetings are open and everyone is welcome. We meet the first Wednesday of the month at 7 pm.

[Editor’s note: There is also generally a table in the Atrium on Sundays where a board member (often Maryann Simpson) will be happy to answer questions and listen to your ideas.]