Partner Church Committee, September 2018

Even though UUCB will not be the host congregation for the 2018-2019 Balázs Scholar, we want you to know something about Reverend Lehel Molnár. He writes:

“I graduated from the Berde Mózed Unitarian High School in my home town of Székelykeresztúr, Hargita, Romania during the communist era in 1987, and I continued my studies at the Unitarian Faculty of the Protestant Theological Institute in Kolozsvár between 1990-1995. After finishing my Unitarian theological study, I was appointed as the archivist of the Hungarian Unitarian Church Archives at the Headquarters of the Unitarian Church, as well as I was assistant minister at the First Church in Kolozsvár where I served for nearly two years. I took part in a professional training as an archivist in Debrecen (Hungary) between 1996-1997.

“My wife, Éva Szabó, is presenter and editor at the Transylvanian Hungarian Television; her television program’s name is Faith Life. She is studying applied theology at the Babes-Bolyai University here in Kolozsvár. When we married in 2014 she had already 3 children; I am their foster father. The biggest child is a girl Ágnes 21 years old, the second one is a boy Nándor he is 18 years old and the smallest is also a girl Boglárka. She is 11 years old and will come with us to Berkeley.”

As always, any hospitality you can provide the scholar and his family are very welcome. Bicycle helmets; BART tickets (really helpful); tickets to shows, plays and museums; dinners, outings anywhere in the Bay Area are among the things you can offer. One of us has even provided music lessons! In a few months we will need donations of winter clothing for the family. There are so many ways you can help and enjoy getting to know our international guests.

You know whom to bring any and all donations, it’s Stephanie Ann Blythe or Anne Greenwood at any time.