Partner Church Committee News, July 2018

It may be summertime, but it’s still a busy time for Partner Church! Our dessert social on June 2 was a wonderful time for a small but enthusiastic group of supporters. Anne Greenwood’s cold cherry soup was a hit with everyone. The evening was a farewell to Balázs Scholar Rev. Emese Bodor. With the help of László Tihanyi from Eszterlánc Hungarian Folk Ensemble, she sang and danced for us. Zackrie Vinczen gave a presentation on his time in Transylvania last year. It was a very uplifting time for him, although he noted that the ethnic tensions between Hungarians and Romanians were on full display in a soccer match he attended. Many thanks to Lisa Maynard, Lynne Cahoon, Gloria and Dwight Merrill, John Tucker, and Anne’s grandsons for their help in putting on this event.

News out of Transylvania is not so uplifting. The Hungarian Unitarian Church’s response to a letter of concern from the Partner Church Council, the UUA, and the International Council of UUs about their position on same-sex marriage is that it is an internal affair, and we should not interfere. There’s a lot more to this story. Perhaps next month Anne and I can report back from General Assembly on what more we can learn.

We are also sad to report that our friend Rev. Levente Kelemen, minister in the neighboring village of Ocland, has had another surgery for cancer. We hold him and his family in our thoughts and prayers. Levente’s parents, Emma and Imre Kelemen, have hosted us many times in their home in Homorόdύjfalu.

If you can’t wait for our report next month on all the Partner Church activities at GA, contact Stephanie Ann Blythe or Anne Greenwood for all the details.