Partner Church Committee, August 2018

General Assembly is generally the last UU function that each year’s Balazs Scholar participates in before returning to Transylvania. Rev. Emese Bodor, whom we hosted this year, was no exception to this practice. She was one of the speakers at the Torda450 International Worship Service, which followed a workshop titled “Torda450: A Year-long Theological Exploration and Celebration.” Anne Greenwood has a video of Emese’s talk. It should also be available online at the UUA website. We all wish Emese a safe return home and all the best as she resumes her teaching career and chaplaincy at the Unitarian high school in Koloszvar.

Due to UUCB’s current financial situation we have delayed our semi-annual Village Education Fund remittance to Homorodujfalu. We hope to send it soon. We informed the village minister of the situation and asked how things are for him in the village. Here is his reply:

In reply to the second part of your letter I have to tell you that we are well here. The weather it’s a little capricious, so the landwork it’s harder to do, but the crops are beautiful and the fruit production it’s OK.

At the 1st of July passed one year since I’m here in Homoródújfalu. Now I can tell you that I like to be here, and I like very much to work with the people of this town.

I wish all the best to you and your congregation.

Your friend,

Attila (Rev. Gyero Attila)

The Transylvanian Partner Church Committee might take things a little slower during the summer, but we’ll be planning our Partner Church Refresh effort for this fall. Feel free to contact Stephanie Ann Blythe or Anne Greenwood for more details.