Reminder for Saturday, Feb. 24: The Armed Man: A Mass for Peace with Kensington Symphony Orchestra and UUCB/SFUU Choirs, 8 pm, $20 requested donation (students $15).

Sunday, February 25, 2018

February theme: Perseverance

9:30 am Personal Theology, Fireside Room – Dr. Kendra Smith, psychotherapist, trainer and coach; teacher of metta and vipassana meditation; and longtime UUCB member. Consciousness After Death? Investigation and Personal Experience.” For many persons, this topic is unsettling and controversial, but there has been some serious investigation and for centuries there have been reports of communication with persons “on the other side.” Saint Augustine was one of these reporters. The belief that when the brain flatlines it ends consciousness is a culture-bound belief. Kendra will speak of investigations and of her own experience. She will also touch on the relationship between some forms of meditation and out-of-the-ordinary experiences.
11 am

Worship Service – Another Train, Amanda Weatherspoon with Kathryn Jay, Worship Associate. The impulse to control life’s circumstances is possibly one of humanity’s greatest growing edges. However, there is an overwhelming reality to consider in regards to livelihood, relationships, basic needs, and the like. How do we persevere in the face of great uncertainty—in our day-to-day lives, and in the big picture? How can we “Let Go and Let God” in the face of disappointment and uncertainty?

Slides: Paul Hudson / Flowers: Jean Hyams / Lead Usher: Marta Tobey / Chaplain: Stephanie Kroner

12:30 pm Humanist Connections Swedish Death Cleaning, Don Anderson, Chrysalis Room, followed by potluck in Social Hall


Good Neighbor for February (sharing our offerings): YEAH Berkeley stands for Youth Engagement, Advocacy, and Housing. This organization helps youth set goals and create lives they want while providing shelter, food, counseling, and other necessities to homeless youth in our community.

Today in Family Ministry

9:15 am Childcare available, Childcare Facility, until 1 pm
9:45 am Parent Discussion Circle, R.E. Building
10 am Youth and Children’s Choir, Meditation Room
12 pm Community Games (elementary age children), Lawn & Play Yard
12:15 pm Teacher Reflection Circle, Family Ministry Office


The Week, February 26–March 3

Monday, Feb. 26   
9 am Write For Your Life, Fireside Room (contact: Kit Hewitt, 510-526-3997)
9:30 am Women’s Insight Meditation Group, Meditation Room (contact: Lucinda Young)
Tuesday, Feb. 27
12:30 pm Applied UU Buddhism Sangha, Fireside Room (contact: Lynnette Delgado)
Wednesday, Feb. 28
10 am Walk & Talk Group (weather permitting), meet at church entrance (contact: Ann Harlow)
Thursday, March 1
10 am Coordinating Team Meeting, Administrative Office
5:30 pm All-Church Potluck, Social Hall (see Announcements)
6:30 pm Gamelan Practice, Music Room
6:45 pm Evening Worship, Fireside Room
7:30 pm Mission and Vision: Where Our Gladness & the World’s Hunger Meet (see Announcements)
7:30 pm Choir Rehearsal, Sanctuary

Announcements & Upcoming Events


Newcomers: Welcome! Join us in the Social Hall after the service for complimentary coffee or tea and snacks, and check out the information and sale tables. If you use a purple mug, we will know to greet you as someone new.

Thursday, March 1:

  • All-Church First Thursday Potluck – Bring a dish, a beverage or a donation. Good food, good wine, good company. Set up at 5:30, eat at 5:45.
  • Evening Worship – A peaceful, centering service in the Fireside Room, 6:45 to 7:15 or so.
  • Mission and Vision: Where Our Gladness and the World’s Hunger Meet, Fireside Room, 7:30 – A makeup session for those who did not attend on February 18. In this third set of conversations about UUCB’s future, we will integrate what we’ve learned about our shared resources, assets, skills, and passions with the needs in our wider communities and see where we are being called to serve and lead.

Sunday, March 4: Plan to stay after the service for the Annual Pledge Drive Kickoff Lunch!

The Social Justice Council requests proposals for sponsored projects for 2018-19, with the deadline of March 11th.  Please check with Craig Scott if you have any questions, or would like a consult:

STAMP $$MONEY$$ OUT OF POLITICS!!!  That’s what the Social Justice Council is doing! Join us Sunday at the SJC Info Table in the Atrium to stamp it out! Or, open your wallets on the way into the sanctuary and stamp it out!! Our tool of resistance!

Interested in attending the Regional Assembly of UUs from all over the west in Portland, April 27–29? See The theme is “Stories of Hope, Courage, Resistance, and Resilience.” 

Volunteer Opportunities:

  • Refreshment Hosts – bring and/or serve Sunday refreshments on a one-time or monthly basis (reimbursement funds available) – contact Lisa Maynard,
  • Assistant Editor (Compiler) for “The Week Ahead” – contact Ann Harlow,
  • Altar Flowers Team Members – contact Judy Sam,
  • Archivist to maintain church records – contact Alisa Gould Sugden,
  • Watch for the March Beacon with opportunities to serve on Financial Sustainability Working Groups.

To stay even better informed, or if you have questions about UUCB, please explore our website, You can also sign up for various email lists:

Submit items for The Week Ahead to by 5 pm Wednesday. Please try to limit announcements to 50 words.