We eagerly welcome new faces in all of our classes. You can learn more about what happens in each session by exploring our calendar of events or at the activities for families page. If you are ever interested in sitting in on a class with your child, please come on in; we are happy to have you. If you’re new to our community, here’s some helpful info to plan your visit.


toddler timeToddlers are welcome to join in the first part of the service and participate in the Time for All ages. After that toddlers recess out of the sanctuary and are escorted to our nursery for Childcare. During this time toddler are provided with space to both play and participate in craft projects or games.

Childcare is also available for younger children and infants, but we ask that parents plan to drop these kids off in the nursery before the start of the service or escort them to the nursery themselves after the start of the service.


Creating Home: K-1st Grade (Winter 2020)

Our K-1st class is exploring the Creating Home curriculum. These lessons focus on the concept of home- whether it be our family home, the homes our animal friends live in or our faith home, our congregation grounded in our liberal religious values. Children learn the functions of a home as a place of belonging and how our faith home serves as one too. Children learn about safety, joy and responsibilities our various homes offer.

This week’s lesson (3/8/2020): Our Worship Home

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In the flowers

Faithful Journeys: 2nd-3rd Grade (Winter 2020)

Our second and third graders hop into a time machine to learn about historic or modern examples of Unitarian Universalist faith in action. Children learn about role models and how they have the capacity to be agents of faith and change just as well. ​

This week’s lesson (3/8/2020): Build World Community

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Toolbox of Faith: 4th-5th Grade (Winter 2020)

Toolbox of Faith explores the various tools that Unitarian Universalism gives to live lives devoted to serving the Beloved Community and bending the moral arc of the universe towards justice for all.

This week’s lesson (3/8/2020): Love (Gloves)

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Middle School and High School

Middle School and High School classes both follow the Worship Calendar exploring the theme of the month with lively discussion, reflections, and fun.


This week’s lesson: Helping out with Field Day 🙂


Childcare is also available for children in our childcare facility on Sundays.

The well-being of young people is important to us. All of our volunteers undergo background checks and training. Lean more about our safety policies here.