Personal Theology Alex PappasSundays, September through May at 9:30 a.m. in the Fireside Room.

The Personal Theology program was founded by Bernard Loomer, former Dean of the Divinity School at University of Chicago and leader in Process Theology. It was led by Martha Helming from 1991 to 2013. Participants listen to and engage with theological and spiritual leaders, as well as present their own topics and spiritual journeys. Seminars pursue the UU values of drawing inspiration from diverse traditions and deepening the spiritual life. This program is supported by contributions from the audience.

Personal Theology Committee: Gloria Merrill (Chairperson), Anne Wardell,  Barbara Rockhold, Dick Sherman, and John Maes (treasurer). Mac Lingo, Dwight Merrill, and Charlie Wright, audio technicians.

For information about Personal Theology or to suggest a speaker, contact Gloria Merrill at or 510-527-2681.

Upcoming Seminars
  • Personal Theology: Lonnie Moseley & Cordell Sloan

      Lonnie Moseley, (UUCB Membership Co-Chair, Member of UUCB Program Council, Nominating Committee, and Social Justice Committee) and Cordell Sloan (UUCB Board of Trustee, technology guru; dream expert; jazz musician, and son of Rev. Cordell Sloan, Sr).  “Hidden Messages within Negro Spirituals.”

    • Personal Theology: Dr. Beverly Allen

        Dr. Beverly Allen, Prof. Emerita at Syracuse University, visiting professor at Stanford. “Marija Gimbutas’ Archaeology of the Sacred Feminine.”

      • Personal Theology: Rev Kristin Schmidt

          Rev Kristin Schmidt, one of our Senior Co-Ministers, will share her reflections on the place where theology and real life meet. “What Really Matters.”

        • Personal Theology: Dr. Judith Berling

            Dr. Judith Berling, an Episcopalian-Confucian-Daoist, dean and professor emerita of Chinese and comparative religions at the Graduate Theological Union in Berkeley. “Learning to ‘Unsettle’ Myself:  A Spiritual Journey.’”

          • Personal Theology: Phil Cousineau

              Phil Cousineau is a long-time collaborator with the late Dr. Huston Smith. Phil is a freelance writer, documentary filmmaker, and author of over 35 books, including The Hero’s Journey: the Life and Work of Joseph Campbell. He has over 20 documentary film credits and since 2009 has been host of Global Spirit on PBS and Link TV and a guest host on New Dimensions Radio. In 1999, he and his film partner, Gary Rhine organized a group of ten Native American leaders to accompany Dr. Huston Smith to the Parliament of World Religions in South Africa. His presentation will discuss the impassioned conversations and profound dialogues from the parliament, and will include film clips from their award-winning documentary, as well as other insights gathered from his decades of work with Huston Smith, including Huston’s distinctions between religion and spirituality, personal and collective theology, and his ultimately triumphant philosophy of living our lives in a spirit of rejoicing. “A Seat at the Table: Struggling for American Indian Religious Freedom.”

            • Personal Theology: Rev. Dr. Chris Schriner

                Rev. Dr. Chris Schriner is Minister Emeritus of Mission Peak Unitarian Universalist Congregation in Fremont and a retired psychotherapist. He is the author of six books, including including Bridging the God Gap: Finding Common Ground Among Believers, Atheists and Agnostics. “The Mystery of Consciousness.”

              • Personal Theology: Dr. W. Frederick Shaw

                  Dr. W. Frederick Shaw is a UUCB member and the CEO and founder of Developing Indigenous Resources, which empowers people living in slums of developing countries to provide their own health and human services. TBA

                • Personal Theology: Stephen Miller

                    Stephen Miller, LCSW, is a Therapist in Psychiatry Dept at Kaiser for 24 years, currently teaching Anxiety, Anger and Sleep classes at Kaiser In Solano county. “Serenity Now.”

                  • Personal Theology: No session

                      No session.

                    • Personal Theology: Lois Snipes Atkinson

                        Lois Snipes Atkinson is a retired social service worker and teacher, student of eclecticism, and UUCB member. “Religious, Not Spiritual.”

                      • Personal Theology: Rev. Lehel Molnár

                          Rev. Lehel Molnár is the 2018-2019 Balazs Scholar at Starr King School for the Ministry. After his graduating from the Unitarian Faculty of the Protestant Theological Institute in Kolozsvár, he was then appointed as the archivist. He is presently a PHD student at the University of Szeged (Hungary) where his dissertation is on the Cultural and Church History of Transylvania between 1690-1725. “The Hungarian Unitarian Church Celebrates 450 Years; Preserving its Archival Heritage.”

                        • Personal Theology: Dr. Bernard Schlager

                            Dr. Bernard Schlager is Associate Professor of Historical & Cultural Studies and Executive Director, Center for LGBTQ and Gender Studies, in Religion (CLGS) at Pacific School of Religion in Berkeley. His research interests include queer studies, the history of Christianity, LGBT pastoral care, and medieval social and religious history. He has published articles on ancient church history, medieval hagiography, the history of sexuality, and the history of education, and has recently co-authored with David Kundtz the second edition of their book: Ministry Among God’s Queer Folk: LGBT Pastoral Care (2018). Dr. Schlager will explore the connections between Christianity and the LGBTQ liberation movement in US History. “Queer and Christian.”

                          • Personal Theology: Dr. Victoria Lee

                              Dr. Victoria Lee is a UUCB member, holds a doctoral degree, two master’s degrees and a B.A. degree from Georgetown University, Western Graduate School, and George Washington University. Victoria is a licensed clinical psychologist, a couples’ counselor and a certified sex therapist. She is a past-President of Santa Clara Valley Marriage and Family Therapists, and is a past Director of the Masters in Counseling Program at College of Notre Dame. “Sacred Relationships and Sacred Sexuality.”

                            • Personal Theology: Planning and Evaluation

                                Please join us to help evaluate past speakers as well as offer suggestions for future topics and/or speakers. Your input and ideas are important to keeping the Personal Theology program current and meaningful.

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