How to Get Involved in Social Justice

We often hear UUCB members proudly reference our church’s social justice efforts – work that is an integral part of how we define ourselves, as individuals and as a congregation. Have you ever wondered how all this work gets done, and how, with so many efforts going on simultaneously, they don’t get in the way of each other? 

There is an organizational infrastructure within UUCB that makes social justice integral to congregational life and integrated into the life of our surrounding communities. It is the Social Justice Council (SJC). The Council needs leaders  to carry on the work, and to create new opportunities for our congregation to continue bending  the arc of social ever more sharply towards justice. 

Leadership needs to be continually renewed. All that is needed to become a warrior for social justice is passion. The SJC has a very supportive structure, ready to welcome new leaders and launch them in the direction of their choosing. Specifically, UUCB needs new leaders in the positions of Co-chair, Treasurer, Congregational Communications, Sunday Table Coordinator, and Scribe (minutes taker). 

Make a difference! Grow your skills and be totally supported in the effort! Read more about it here.


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