WOWS (Whites Opposing White Supremacy) Sponsored by the Social Justice Council of UUCB, Confronting Racism and Oppression Project

What Is WOWS?
Whites Opposing White Supremacy, or WOWS, is a group at UUCB of white-identified people and people who get identified as white, that discuss race issues and the implications of being white in this society. We work to actively oppose white supremacy culture within ourselves and our congregation, in order to become more effective anti-racist allies and accomplices. WOWS partners with the People of Color Caucus (POCC), which usually meets separately. Both groups are part of UUCB’s Confronting Racism and Oppression project.

Why Do We Meet as an All-White Group?
WOWS meet separately from the POCC to allow for conversations that need to happen among white people. The work of white people is different from that of people of color in this society (and world) that values “whiteness” over other racial identities – white people have to learn about the attitudes and assumptions that live within us, the history of racial injustice, and how we are complicit in white supremacy culture.

In WOWS meetings, attendees can process thoughts and feelings and biases that may seem “bad” or are just hard to share. People can learn about current and past racial injustice and how we, as white people, contribute to injustice. By doing this in a whites-only group, we can save people of color (POC) from some of the pain, frustration, exasperation, anger, and other feelings involved in waiting for white people to “get it.” We can also spare POC the job of educating white people. With the work we do in WOWS, we can have more satisfying relationships with our partners in the POCC and other POC and be more effective anti-racist partners.

Coming Together with the People of Color Caucus (POCC)
The ultimate goal of meeting in separate groups is to enhance our ability to be in community with each other. To this end, WOWS and the POCC meet together periodically for meals and discussions of how we can work together to overcome racism.

Meeting Dates and Times
WOWS meets once a month (we have a lot of work to do!) on the fourth Sunday. Since we are unable to meet in person now, we are meeting on Zoom, from 12:30-2:00 p.m.  For listing of meetings, check’s NEWS option on the main menu bar at the top of the website.  Click on NEWS->THE WEEK AHEAD for dates and locations/links to meetings.

How to Find Out More
For more information or to sign up to be alerted to meetings, activities and joint projects for WOWS and POCC, please email:
Project Leaders: Julia Rogers (WOWS); Helen Tinsley-Jones (POCC).