Climate Action at UUCB

Healthy Air For All – Time for Action – March 27, 2022

The Social Justice Council of the Unitarian Universalist Church of Berkeley (UUCB) sponsored a “Healthy Air For All” presentation by Climate Health Now Members,
Dr. Teresa Elena Munoz, OB-GYN, Kaiser, Richmond and Dr. Juan Aguilera, Ph.D., M.D., post-doctoral research fellow from Sean Parker Center, Stanford.


How air pollution harms us, who’s most vulnerable, which communities suffer the most, and how we can take collective action for health and environmental justice.

Drs. Munoz and Aguilera shared scientific expertise and real-world experience about how climate-related air pollution affects vulnerable populations, including children, older adults, and those living with asthma, cardiorespiratory diseases, and other conditions, especially among lower-income neighborhoods of color.



0:00                 Sheldon Jones, Chair of UUCB’s Social Justice
0:60                 Dr. Sheila Tarbet, Member of UUCB Social Justice Council’s Environmental Justice and member of Elders Climate Action
0:6:25              Introduction of Dr. Theresa Munoz
0:7:55              Dr. Teresa Elena Munoz, MD Presentation
0:39:11            Introduction of Dr. Alex Aguilera
0:40:35            Dr. Juan Aguilera, MD, PhD, MPH Presentation
1:00:00            Q&A Curated by Jason Russell, Member UUCB
1:16:25            Deb Lloyd, UUCB and Elders Climate Action Member,
“Climate Action Now” App presentation (iPhone/Android)
1:21:30            Q&A Continuation
1:51:45            Closing Comments by Dr. Sheila Tarbet – Call to Action

Slide Deck for Dr. Aguilera – Click HERE

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Climate Core

Climate Core: a Community of Concern for Climate Change (C6) is “place of engagement” with climate change, a set of practices to focus our concern on this horrendous problem, to understand it, seek solutions, add our voices to those of others seeking to take action before it is too late.

We are developing:

  • a community of practice within UUCB through which people can engage one another over their concerns about climate change. Membership denotes a desire to engage the issues;

    Climate Justice event November 2015
    Climate Justice event November 2015
  • a site of learning where we can grow our understanding of the problems and solutions; a place where all voices can be heard; an evolving body of knowledge available to all and debatable by all;
  • an anchor for action, where we can grow our awareness of others (within and beyond UUCB) who are engaged with climate change, can design and carry out action, and can join our voices to bring about change.

The Climate Core Information Exchange

The Climate Core Information Exchange (aka: C6 Wiki) is intended to help UUCB members engage the struggle for a sustainable world. It will support understanding what is going on, find other UUCB members of like mind and know about action on environmental justice that they can engage. We do not believe that UUCB should take action on its own, as we are too small, and not expert. However we do believe that we should support those who want to act, through helping them join with others in focused action.