From the Ministers, May 2018

Let’s get creative!

For May, our theme in worship will be creativity, and it’s something we think about a lot. As musicians and ministers, cooks and parents and a lot of other things, we create many things. While we may never create a Sistine Chapel or a renowned symphony, every day each of us creates new things and new ideas.

Our church is no different. A lot of things have changed in the 127 years this church has been plugging along, and the constant creativity of our members and friends is a big part of that.

Lately, we’ve been working hard to think creatively about how we do church and what we can do better or differently as we enter into a new era – and hint, we’re always entering into a new era! The world keeps on changing, and we have to change with it.

The board’s working groups on sustainability are a big part of this creative thinking. The working groups are tasked with gathering information about a number of different ways we can ensure the financial sustainability of this church into the future, and thinking creatively about solutions that might not seem obvious at first will be an important part of their work.

Our social justice council thinks each year about where it is being called and what it will focus on. The creativity and commitment of those who have worked this year to make us a sanctuary congregation and prepare to help immigrant families has been inspiring, as has the work of the Green Sanctuary team in engaging us around environmental issues.

The creativity of our music program, which each year leads us to new heights with all of their work in worship, in performances, and in rehearsal deserves all the praise it gets and more.

Our family ministry program has been working on how they can best balance a lot of competing needs and desires and is thinking creatively about what is best for our congregation, our children, and our staff. Even something as simple as moving our nursery for a few weeks so that we could revamp the nursery building took a creative mindset to make happen.

We’ve also done creative work in worship: to give one significant example, in Reverse RE (Religious Education) we thought creatively about how we do worship and opportunities for spiritual deepening by reversing our usual pattern. Instead of children leaving the sanctuary to go to their activities, they stayed in for worship and we invited the adults to leave for various opportunities.

It’s tempting to stay in the same old comfortable patterns, but we can’t. A new world requires our commitment, our love, and our creativity to come fully alive.

In faith,

Revs. Christian and Kristin