From the Ministers, June 2018

Dear UUCB members and friends,

This has been a very busy year of programs and ministry for our congregation.

But we also know that play, rest, and renewal are just as important as work, service, and justice.

Our worship theme for the month of June is blessing, and we can think of no greater blessing this time of year than the chance to slow down and take a break. As the school year winds down and we ease into summer, we hope you will take time to rest and tend to your heart and spirit. Whether you’re making a trip somewhere far away or planning more of a “stay-cation” we hope this season will give you a chance to relax, to remember what it’s like to feel bored, to connect with things that you perhaps don’t have time for at other times of the year.

We will be doing the same! After our trip to Kansas City for the Unitarian Universalist Association’s General Assembly, we will be heading up to Idaho for a couple of weeks to visit family. We will be away from June 15-27 for General Assembly and then again July 1-25 for our vacation. As usual, please contact the Pastoral Associates Committee at with non-urgent pastoral care needs. The Reverends Sue Magidson and Jane Ramsey will be tending to emergency pastoral needs while we are away. If you call the church office someone there will make sure they receive your message.

Summer blessings!

Kristin and Christian