From the Ministers, July 2018

We could not be more excited about the month of July here at UUCB, with a great lineup of preachers in worship and guests in our Summer Forum. Summers at UUCB are a little slower and more relaxed, with fewer events during the week. But Sundays are still a fantastic time to join us for a morning of spiritual exploration and nourishment and a chance to be with the community that is so deeply valuable to us.

Many of us may be taking a little time off, even if it’s just a day trip down to a local park, to enjoy the summer weather. Your co-ministers are taking some time off to see family and restore ourselves after a very busy year. We hope you find time in these summer months, if possible, to refresh and restore yourselves, too. No matter what our schedules are like, it’s important to take time, even if it’s just a moment here or there, to be present to our bodies and minds and be good to ourselves.

We also you to make it here on Sundays whenever you’re able, because we have a fantastic lineup of guest worship leaders joining us. Each summer, we welcome guests to our pulpit to give us different perspectives on the world, and to give our ministers a few Sundays off (already we’ve welcomed Alex Haider-Winnett and the Rev. Nancy McDonald Ladd in June):

  • July 1: The Rev. John Buehrens, former UUA president, will join us again. You may have heard him a year ago at our installation. This summer, he’ll preach “On Being Otherwise” for us.
  • July 8: Rodney Lemery, a candidate for the UU ministry and intern minister at our sibling congregation in San Jose, will join us to preach about the transformational power of love and re-envisioning Unitarian Universalism in that framework.
  • July 15: The Rev. Christine Haider-Winnett (whose spouse Alex preached in June), will preach about her experience as an ordained and excommunicated Catholic woman.
  • July 22: Our own Rev. Craig Scott, member of this church and retired UU minister, will preach on the individual and the community, and how those of us committed to both might think about their relationship.
  • July 29: Rev. Kristin is back in the pulpit (and Rev. Christian will be back on Aug. 5) and excited about UUCB’s future.

The Summer Forum, which meets at 9:30 on Sundays, is also worth your interest! We always have a great lineup of speakers and workshops in that time. Come early, check it out, stay for worship!

In faith,

Revs. Christian and Kristin