6:00 pm - 9:00 pm
Fireside Room + Social Hall

On Feb. 20, UUCB’s Social Justice Council and Pachamama Alliance Golden Gate Community volunteers will present a two-hour workshop, Introduction to Project Drawdown. Project Drawdown brought together an international coalition of researchers and other experts to identify, based on peer reviewed literature, the most substantive solutions to global warming.

We’ll learn about the wide scope of the solutions, which include our sources of energy and our transportation, the food we eat and how we grow it, how we design our cities and our buildings, how we manage our land, and how we support women and girls. We’ll connect with others to get inspired and discover new ways to contribute.

Everyone is invited to gather together for a meal at 6 pm, and the workshop will be presented from 7-9 pm.

You can enroll at https://bit.ly/UUCB-Drawdown. Please contact Sheila Tarbet for more information.