06-21-2020 - 08-28-2020
12:00 am

Dear Beloved Friends,

The Chalice Leadership Team, with partners from Pastoral Care and Membership, decided that although summer is the time of year when Chalice Circles usually wrap up, we would like to offer some additional Chalice Circle opportunities to our community. A form of small-group ministry, the hallmarks of UUCB’s Chalice Circles are that they are open and inclusive. They include time to check-in , but they also are organized around an agreed upon topic and have trained facilitators. More about what Chalice Circles are here.

Summer Chalice Circles have now begun! There are a few spots available, if you are still interested in joining a little late, and don’t mind having missed a few sessions. Brand new Chalice Circles will start up again in late September. Please contact Natalie Campbell at nataliehcampbell@yahoo.com if you are interested, or would like to know more!

Our overall intent is to facilitate your participation in as much community as you would like. We also have thought that we might include past UUCBers who have gone “away”, who might like to share in a circle. Or a friend you may know, not already a part of our church community, who might be glad of a new connection.

Our program is healthy! This past year we had more than 90 participants with 18 facilitators. Some of the circles were themed: Social Justice and Bereavement, being just two. If you have a particular one you would like, we can work with you.

And remember, UUCB also has other affinity groups, such as the Humanists, Mystic Circle, Men’s group, Tsanga, dance, music, Social Justice, LFDC, and I know I have missed some. Whatever connections you make during this time of shut down (and even after), we would like to support you in whatever ways we can.

With great affection,

Lenore Ralston for The Chalice Team