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MUUGs is the acronym for Middle School Unitarian Universalist Gatherings. We exist to serve youth who are in 6th to 9th grades by building intentional and supportive communities. We put on 4 weekend long retreats a year, along with a week long camp in the summer. See here for more info.

MUUGs is a program of the Pacific Central District of the Unitarian Universalist Association (PCD-UUA), which is a Association of multiple congregations in Northern California, Northern Nevada and Hawaii. MUUGs brings together youth from many different congregations in the district for weekend events to building a safe and affirming community and deepen Unitarian Universalist values. For more information about the strengths of this program and how it functions, please explore our website: http://www.pcdmuugs.org/

Location is off-site at Mendocino Woodlands State Park.

Contact:  Zackrie Vinczen, Acting Director of Religious Education

(510) 525-0302, ext. 307, family.ministry@uucb.org