10:00 am - 12:00 pm
Atrium + Front Entryway

Its that time of year again. Harvest time when we find the generosity in our hearts to help those less fortunate than us. On November 17th from 10-1 pm, please bring your donations of food to UUCB. We will also take cash and checks if that works best for you. Early donations can be dropped off at the food drive table in the atrium on Sundays. This year’s donations once again go to the Richmond Emergency Food Pantry.

Suggested Shopping List

• Baby food

• Sugar and salt

• Canned tuna and chicken

• Condiments: mayo, mustard and relish (family sizes)

• Peanut butter (16 oz. jars)

• Dry beans

• Rice

• Canned beans

• Soup (10-16 oz. cans)

• Tomato sauce

• Boxed cereals (12-20 oz. sizes)


Please don’t bring expired food as the food pantry cannot use it. We also need cardboard boxes donated before November 12 to the food drive table.

Volunteers On Collection Day

On November 17 we will need many helping hands to weigh donations and load them into the truck. We would especially love the help of youth. If you are interested please email Sheldon Jones (sejones1950@gmail.com) and come to UUCB on the 17th ready to help.


Contacts:  Suzette Anderson-Duggan & Sheldon Jones

Suzette – (510) 910-5567, sja072013@gmail.com

Sheldon – (510) 334-7633, sejones1950@gmail.com