11:14 am - 12:15 pm
Family Ministry Office

Generosity: Give and You Shall Receive

This session introduces generosity as an important spiritual discipline and religious act that is a central component of justice and goodness. It is based on the notion that generosity is a way of life which reaps benefit for both giver and receiver. The quote from the Buddha illustrates that this value can be found in many world religions. In Hinduism positive acts accrue good karma. In Islam it is believed that alms given in Allah’s name will be rewarded ten to one hundredfold, while the Christian Bible states that alms given secretly will be rewarded by God (Matthew 6:2-4). In Judaism, to give charity is considered a blessing that shows obedience to God. Some Wiccans believe that what you do in the world, whether for good or for ill, will return to you three-fold.


Take Home:

Today we explored ways that being generous can be a spiritual act and how it is a central component of justice and goodness.

Family Project: Find a local/national/international charity that aligns with your values and explore ways to give. This can be through volunteering, pen-paling, financial contribution etc. Examine how this is a spiritual act.

Discuss: What does it mean to love fully and unconditionally? How does this strengthen our relationship with the divine and with each other?


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