UUCB Vaccination Policy

Update to UUCB Board of Trustees Vaccination Policy 

June 1, 2022 


The Opening Task Force submitted the recommendation below to update the UUCB COVID-19 vaccination policy, for consideration by the Board of Trustees at their meeting on May 4, 2022. After discussion, the Board chose to table the recommendation until their June meeting, to allow more time for consideration of the issue. On June 1, the Board of Trustees passed a motion to adopt the recommendation of the Opening Task Force to update the vaccination policy. 


Opening Task Force recommendation: 

  • Discontinue vaccine verification requirement for large events in the congregation while still requesting nonverbal affirmation of vaccination to be on campus for large church events (through signage, honor system, disclaimers)  
  • Expand request of nonverbal affirmation of vaccination to be on campus for any size church event or activity (through signage, honor system, disclaimers)  
  • The above means: honor system, nonverbal affirmation, meaning by entering campus folks are affirming they are vaccinated if available to them, the same way we have been non-verbally affirming symptom free  
  • With planned date on which to revisit the policy and potentially decide to suspend the request/honor system entirely 
  • With planned conditions under which vaccine verification would be re-instituted (consider re- instituting if Covid ActNow returns to high” for Contra Costa or Alameda county’s community level)