When will UUCB reopen?

You can see all our updates around reopening here.

How do I submit my vaccination status?

Email planning@uucb.org to request a time to submit your vaccination status.

In your email, be sure to include the date and time you prefer; you will receive an email reply with your appointment time. Plan to start in the waiting room; the host will invite people in one at a time to show vaccination proof and ID.

Persons who are unable to be vaccinated for medical reasons may contact Rev. Michelle to seek an exemption.

Please note that we are NOT accepting vaccination documentation via email.

In making the vaccine policy decision at its December 1 meeting, more fully reflected in this resolution, the Board of Trustees drew upon the report presented by UUCB’s Opening Task Force – for whose work we are truly grateful. For more information about the Opening Task Force, to volunteer to help with in-person event tasks, or other related matters, please email planning@uucb.org.


What safety protocols is UUCB following?

Our safety protocols in place include masking, distancing, and affirmation from attendees that they are not ill, have no symptoms of contagious disease, and in the last 10 days have neither tested positive nor been in contact with anyone who has tested positive for COVID-19, and that they will inform the church if they test positive for COVID-19 within the following 14 days.


Contra Costa County and the State of California no longer require indoor mask use. Why do I have to wear a mask at church?

While the county and the state no longer enforce mask use, it is still up to each individual, group, or organization to determine their comfort levels around dropping this requirement. A majority of our congregation reported that wearing masks and requiring distancing were significant factors in their comfort levels regarding any sort of in-person gatherings.


Who makes these recommendations to UUCB?

In October of 2020, the Opening Task Force was established to determine how and when UUCB should reopen for Sunday services and other congregational activities.

The Task Force considers and designs the how and when it will be safe for all UUCB members and friends to once again come together in our spiritual community. Following the advice of the UUA, local public health authorities and other reputable sources*, the Task Force looks at opening phases and health milestones that will best serve us. The current target date for reopening is March 20, 2022.

In this endeavor, protocols will be drafted for Sunday services, small group gatherings, and rentals. The drafts will be shared for review and comment with relevant UUCB entities, e.g. Buildings and Grounds, Religious Education, Music, Social Justice. Through monthly columns in the Beacon and other communications, the Task Force will ensure that the congregation stays informed of its efforts and has the opportunity to share suggestions and concerns.

Task Force members are Patrick Cullinane (Chair), Sheldon Jones, Greg Lemieux, Lisa Maynard, Tess Snook O’Riva (Executive Director), and Rev. Michelle Collins. All Task Force members welcome your communications to planning@uucb.org.