Coordinating Team Notes, September 2018

What is a verger, anyway?? I had some fun looking it up (I confess to being a closet etymologist). Originally referring to a church official who carried the verge, a staff of office, it is one term for a church caretaker. This usage is common in the Anglican and Episcopalian traditions and also in our oldest American UU churches.

So a hearty welcome to Anthony Cruz, our new verger, who started August 26. He will work 9–1 Sundays. His responsibilities include opening and closing, running the coffee service, and making sure set-up needs are met. Sound will continue to be run by volunteers, so if any of you have secret roadie aspirations, please come forward!

Being short-staffed this summer, as challenging as it has been, has helped us understand what it takes to run this place and given us opportunities to be more involved. If you want to hear an inspiring defense of volunteerism, just get Mac Lingo going on this subject.

Trainings are underway for the ushers and family ministry volunteers who will help with our September 30 evacuation drill, which will take place near the close of worship service. Many thanks to Greg Lemieux for his meticulous planning.